Our business partner and products

1. Electric components, semiconductor products (Japanese domestic products, foreign products)

AC Worldwide

We are member of AC Electronics group, headquarter a general trading company in Switzerland. We have outstanding market knowledge. That means you benefit from impartial consulting, just-in-time deliveries, flexible procurement, second-sourcing and fair market pricing. In addition, we receive early warnings on discontinued products and can offer you suitable replacements immediately.

Office of AC world wide:
Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Finland, Israel, United States, Taiwan, China

2. Memory Module from Swissbit Ltd. (Former SIEMENS memory division)

Swissbit - new company, same people. A partner of Siemens Switzerland Ltd., proud of 10 years of market experience in the field of memory modules. Emerged from a joint venture of Siemens Switzerland Ltd. and Swissbit Ltd.
Swissbit produce more than three million memory modules each year, by the latest Siemens equipment in an ISO 9001- and EN 14001-certified environment, making it the largest independent module company in Europe.

Swissbit Ltd. is a former Siemens Switzerland Division, self-contained, independent company, which both sells memory modules and develops and tests custom technology designs.

Our company is sales representative of Swissbit in Japan and business with them since February 2002.

DRAM Module Products
Flash Memory Products
  • Server
  • Work Station
  • Desttop PC
  • Notebook PC
  • Printer
  • USB Flash Memory Stick
    (Maximum 1GB)
  • Compact Flash®
    (Maxmum 1GGB. 2GB will be released in April 2003)



From golf courses, to hospitals, to factory floors, Advantech's products satisfy a broad range of application needs. Since 1983, Advantech has designed and built new products to satisfy unique and often very rigorous requirements. Advantech's highly integrated systems combine advanced, all-in-one features/functions, compact size, open specifications, industrial reliability, and user-friendly operator interfaces. All products are developed in close cooperation with our partners and customers and are supported with strong engineering resources.
Advantech has four major product groups -- Industrial Automation, Embedded Computing, Network Computing and Web Appliance -- representing the breadth of our expertise in providing solutions to create a wide variety of products. These groups offer more than 400 products that are constantly evolving to meet customer needs. On average, over 30 new products and services are introduced annually. This represents Advantech's commitment to research and development, improving customer service and the desire to provide customers with complete solutions to their automation needs.

Our company is sales representative of Advantech in Japan.

Embeded Computing System
Items for embedded solution
  • PC Server
  • CTI Server
  • FA Server
  • Lack Mounted Server
  • Panelized Computer
  • RAID System
  • Chassis
  • All-in-one Biscuit PC
  • Mini-Biscuit PC and inteligent Web Controller
  • Half or Full sized CPU card
  • POS Control board
  • Solid state disk
  • PC/104 module
  • Flash disk module